Brodon Creative Media offers clients something different.

From cinematic video production, to original music composition & audio production, to advertising and product photography, Brodon Creative Media will work closely with your team to ensure that your creative vision becomes a reality! 

we strive to create a positive synergy with every client we serve.


Media Composition

From the first frame to the closing credits, a compelling score can make or break your film or video production. 

Original music can elevate your narrative, help execute your message, and inspire audiences near and far. Brodon Creative Media would love to work with you and and take your project to the next level.

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Media Marketing & production

An unforgettable ad can indelibly etch your product in the mind of your customer and build long-term, reliable brand loyalty. 

Brodon Creative Media will bring your core message to customers with a pristine clarity that will set your brand apart from the rest.

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Advertising & Product Photography 

Photos help to tell your story. Vivid photos can transcend words and inspire your customers in a way that words alone simply cannot. 

Brodon Creative Media will work with you to develop, capture, and communicate your brand and product vision to the right audience.

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Audio engineering - Mix & Mastering

The mix suite at Brodon Creative Media features Logic Pro X, Genelec 1031a monitors, room treatments by Acoustic Sciences Corporation, and an array of top industry plugins.  

Introductory rates start at just $150 per song. Just recorded an EP or full album? We can customize a package to your needs. Contact us today to book your session!

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